Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense

The Shire of Ravenslake presents the Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense-Ravenslake (8), Labor Day weekend 2-4 September 2005 at the Fritche Resort and Country Club, 325 Herbert Road, Lakemoor IL 60050. (If you use an online map, do not use Sheridan Road as it is residential and the residents requested it not be used.)

See http://www.ravenslake.com/mkaod.htm for more details and directions.

Camping, torchlight tourney, classes, Bardic Circle, Thorbjorn's Favor, Hedonism, Warrior Classes, Thrown Weapons, Archery, Heavy Weapons, Merchants (if they come-no extra fees, set up is outdoors), a beach (no lifeguard), and a wet site!

The site is open from Friday night at 7 pm to Sunday evening at 6. Classes begin at 9am on time, then lunch (on site), then Rapier Games, Feast, Bardic Circle, and other fun things.

Thrown Weapons, Heavy Weapons, and A&S classes are planned; archery will happen if a marshal is present.

Fighting fields include open, broken, and restricted front.

Lunch will be available on site. Feast is limited to 60 persons at $8 each-it is suggested that you pre-register.

Chancellor (Autocrat): Alexander de Seton/John Seaton alexdeset@aol.com
MIC: Cecil DuPont, cecil@dueling.org
Aquacrat: Metylda nic Lochloinn, bamf505@yahoo.com
Heavy Weapons MIC: Gintaras the Taura, gintarasthe taura@hotmail.com
Thrown Weapons MIC: Lachlainn MacGregor, macgregorscairn@aol.com
Archery MIC: Neko Me, zzdragon@sbcglobal.net, 847-298-6248

Direction; Take your best rout to Volo IL/corner of rte 120 and rte 12. Go west on 120 to Daryll Rd, then south on Daryll to South/Wegner rd. Go west on Wegner to Herbert, and north on Herbert. Site is through the gates at the end of herbert. More directions can be found on the website, http://www.ravenslake.com/mkaod.htm