SCA Charitable Activity Database Created

Master Adam Stedefast, Deputy Society Seneschal, has announced that he will be creating a database to track charitable activity within the SCA. The deadline to report is July 31, 2005.

Master Adam writes:

Unto the Good and Generous Gentles of the Known World does Master Adam Stedefast, Deputy Society send warm greetings.

No group of people in the world fully understands and better practices the virtues of Charity and Generosity better than the good gentles of the SCA. Every year countless numbers of events are held to benefit various charities throughout the world. The Society Seneschal's Office has decided that those countless activities should now be counted.

To this end, I ask that everyone reading this missive send me the following information on any charitable activity coordinated or supported by your kingdoms and/or local groups. Such support could be for groups like Toys for Tots or Make-a-Wish and can include fundraising, toy raising, food drives, demos or volunteer staffing. Please do not overly concern yourself with sending me information that might be duplicated by another person. It is better that I sort through duplicate information then to not have a complete database.

The information I need is:

  • Name of the Charity supported;
  • Activity type (fundraiser, toy raiser, demo, etc);
  • Brief general summary of activity;
  • Is this an annual event or one time activity?
  • Local group's SCA and modern names (city and state) and Kingdom; Local SCA contact (optional, but would be helpful if I have any questions).

Please send this information to no later than July 31, 2005.

I am proud to be associated with so many good and giving people that we need a database to keep track of all the good that is done. Help me in the worthy task and I will ever be appreciative.

In Service,
Adam Stedefast, O.P.
Deputy Society Seneschal