TRH of the East and Middle Respond to Pennsic Great Court Controversy

Their Highnesses Darius and Roxane of the East and Pieter and Nan Astrid of the Middle have written a letter in response to the cancellation of Great Court at Pennsic 32. The following open letter has appeared on a number of Kingdom lists:

Unto the Sovereigns and Heirs of the Known World,

Greetings from Darius and Roxane, Prince and Princess of the East Kingdom and Pieter and Nan Astrid, Prince and Princess of the Middle Kingdom

Gentle cousins,

A question has been raised about the Master Schedule of Events that We have collectively devised for Pennsic War XXXII. There are those who are wondering why We have chosen to replace the traditional Great Court with a Closing Ceremony on the final Friday night.

We did so for the benefit of Our people and Yours.

Specifically, We recall that last year's Great Court lasted for more than three hours. During that time, the populace sat patiently through ceremony after ceremony involving customs and people that were, for the most part, foreign and unfamiliar. We can hardly blame those who lost interest in the proceedings.

We propose to remedy this problem by inviting Our Royal Cousins to conduct Their respective kingdom's business in Their own Royal Courts for the benefit of Their own subjects. We will do the same. The Closing Ceremonies will instead be dedicated to recounting the week's competitions and declaring a victor - subject matter that will no doubt be of greater interest to *all* of the populace at Pennsic.

And fear not, there will be plenty to discuss. The East and Middle, for example, will each be challenging the Allied kingdoms (rather than each other) to fight a series of Belted and Unbelted Champions Battles, just for fun. We are nonetheless minded to acknowledge the victors in these battles at Closing Ceremonies so that the victorious Allies may enjoy the acclaim that they are due.

We hope that this plan will meet with Your approval. Please feel free to offer Us your advice and counsel on the matter as You see fit.

In service to the Society and to the Pennsic War,

Darius and Roxane (,
Pieter and Nan Astrid (