Silent Heralds Needed to Aid Chirurgeons at Pennsic

Lord Calum Munro of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc has announced that the Chirurgeons are seeking warranted Silent Heralds from around the Known World to work on a project to aid the Chirurgeonate at the Pennsic War.

Lord Calum writes:

The Aethelmearc Silent Heralds are looking for warranted silent heralds from all over the Known World who would be interested in participating in a pilot program to work with the Pennsic War Chirurgeons. The concept of the program is to have Silent Heralds work shifts at Chirurgeon's Point during War so that both groups can get used to working with each other in a setting that can be challenging and ever changing. Individual Silent Heralds will work with a Chirurgeon on treatments (with a patient's permission) and whether the patient is Deaf/Hard of Hearing or not. We want to get used to working together in the event that someone who needs both services is injured during War. Any silent herald working at Point for the first time will need to have a brief orientation reminding them of the confidential nature of anything they may see or hear and the various protocols that are in effect.

If you are interested in joining this exciting new program or know someone who may be, please contact Lady Rowan Blackthorne, who is the Silent Herald Coordinator. She may be reached at If you have questions for the Chirurgeons about this program, please contact Lord Calum Munro at