King's Companie of Archers

This September 16-18, AS XL we have the singular honor of being the hosts for the first-ever standalone event for King's Companie of Archers.

Being held at the archery field on the Lilies site in beautiful Smithville, MO, KCoA is a weekend camping event with a full Saturday of archery tournaments, an Inn, an A&S display and the traditional annual Archers' Potluck.

In conjunction with this event, Mistress Lynette Dave'jean has graciously permitted to share time with Lord Kaios Alexandros Barbarou, Fyrd Captain, so he can oversee a Fyrd Moot on the battlefield. The Fyrd will be at the event to support their brothers of the bow and work on some team exercises and war manouvers to build on the philosophy of the brotherhood of the Fyrd. The intention of the Fyrd Captain is to NOT detract from the wonderous tournaments of the Archers, but to support and encompass the brothers of the Fyrd.

We, the Shire, would like to ask the Populace at large to support our wonderful & talented Archers by volunteering the weekend of the event. If you would like to offer your assistance, please contact our event Stewards, Lady Runa Ketilsdottir ( or Herrin Kathalyn Nimet ( for details on how you can help make this event a wonderous time.

For more details, please see our website, or the forthcoming August Mews.