Midrealm Duke Sends Challenge for a Grand Quest at Pennsic War

Hi Grace Duke Dag of the Middle Kingdom has issued a challenge to members of the Order of the Chivalry to take part in a Grande Quest at the Pennsic War.

His Grace writes:

Hearken Ye, and spread word!

Know that the Kingdom of the Middle issues entreaty unto all Members of the Order of Chivalry, and likewise unto all those Royal Peers who bear arms upon list and field, to enter and take part in the Return of the GRANDE QUEST.

Upon the Field at Pennsic, at Noon on Sunday the Fourteenth of August, and before the sight of gentle Ladies of noble lineage, there shall be held a Tournament to choose Nine worthy to undertake the Quest. The Tournament is open to all Knights and Peers of the Realm by their own hand. They should have a Squire, armed and authorized for combat, to attend them at the Tourney and to accompany them should they be selected for the Quest. Care should be taken with this choice for only one may journey with the chosen Knight.

The Grande Quest is like no other and will turn upon many facets of Knightly Virtue. It will begin at 1:00pm and continue until 7:00pm. With the permission of the Marshall-In-Charge of Pennsic, combat may take place in designated areas throughout the camps and fields of Pennsic. Therefore, the journey must be undertaken armed cap-a-pie. In sooth, it will test stamina and determination as well as prowess, for it will range over the whole of Cooper's Lake. Good knowledge of Chivalric Tradition will aid those on Quest, but no Period Trivia Quiz will this be. Puzzles and obstacles will present themselves, but the heroic heart will win through.

Those who enter should see to their Heraldic Display and will be judged upon Courtesy as well as Prowess. Though Nine will be chosen, all Members of the Order are invited to take part in the Tourney to lend their skill at arms to the test.

Further questions about the Grande Quest may be directed to Duke Dag: duke@dagsheim.com

What no Vente Latte Quest?

What no Vente Latte Quest?