Auto Accident Victim Improves

Gisela vom Kreuzbach, who earlier in the week was involved in an automobile accident with Master Thorgrim Steinarsonn, reports on his condition. In a note to the East Kingdom and AEthelmearc lists, Gisela vom Kreuzbach writes:

"Greetings to my good friend, Leia, the Remarkable, and all good gentles and nobles who have taken time to call, write or send prayers and good thoughts our way . . . .

I write this to inform one and all that Master Thorgrim Steinarsonn, OP, fencer, Chirurgeon, current resident of Endless Hills and much beloved friend of Owl's Reste Shire and many others, is recovering painfully but well from his recent automobile accident.

A reconstructed knee cap, an ankle screwed together and a forearm patched with metal will keep him from his Scadian activities for a while but not for long, me thinks. He is generally in good spirits and has been much cheered by notes, calls and passed-along good wishes of gentles.

Today he was released from Lehigh Valley Hospital and transported to HealthSouth in York, PA. For those who wish it, his contact information is as follows:

Thane Dawson
Rm #322-A
1850 Normandie Dr.
York, PA 17404

(717) 767-8230

Thank you, again, for the support and comradeship you have shown to my friend and to me, a rank newbie. I have found that everything he told me about this organization is true.

Salute and Vivant!
Gisela vom Kreuzbach/Kate Rauhauser-Smith"