Lilies War Will Have Equestrian Activities

Master Gottfried von Koln, Park Liaison for the Committee Calontir at Lilies War, has announced the results of a survey regarding equestrian activities at Lilies War XX.

Master Gottfried writes:

Greetings all,

Many thanks to all of you that responded to the Poll I posted regarding Equestrain Activities at the Lilies War in Calontir. After a lot of research and consideration for the special needs of the riding community, the autocrat for the next war, HL Seraphima, has decided to make this a supported activity for our 20th anniversary war. Success or failure of this experiment will determine the Wars future support of it.

This has been a idea I have personally had in mind for 5 years. As the Lilies War Committee liaison to the Park system that hosts our war I have spent considerable effort to get this off the ground for some time. We are looking at covered stalling that the company claims that can withstand hurricane force winds, and the area of the Park we are looking at is not "off the beaten track". I am a firm believer that all activities should be accessible for appreciation of all the War patrons.

The reasons for sending out this information is that I know that you, as equestrians, would like to know of our decision and allow you to plan to come and spread the word. According to Mistress Isolde of Hawksholme, Society Equestrian Marshal, the current planning exceeds both Gulf Wars and Estrella. Also she has signed on as Madoc's deputy, and as she has been to both Estrella and Gulf, she knows first hand. It is our combined goal to make our War the premier Equestrian War experience.

Please remember the more input we have from you the better it will be for all.

The Autocrat for Lilies 20 is HL Seraphima Iaroslava Suvarova, she may be contacted at

The Equestrian Marshal-in-charge is HL Madoc ap Llewelyn, he may be contacted at