Young SCAdian Teaches Class to Middle Schoolers

Wulfric and Mihrimah of the Shire of Rockwall in Northshield report on a class taught recently by their daughter Aine for a Wisconsin middle school.

Wulfric and Mihrimah write:

We hope that you will indulge us a bit with some news regarding one of our daughters Aine. It is always nice to be able to let people know about the good things kids do. :)

At the end of May, Rockwall was asked to take part in Medieval Day at an area Middle School. The day is planned to coincide with the 7th grade medieval studies curriculum and includes having classes on various topics taught by those SCAdians who attend. This year there were 4 classes: dance, maille making, games, and how to make a doctor's mask/ the plague. While our youngest (3 at the time) happily took part in the dance class, it's the last class we are really proud of.

Shortly after we began planning for the demo, our oldest daughter asked if she could teach a class at the demo. She had recently finished reading a book about the Black Death which included a project for making the "bird head" doctor's masks that were worn while visiting patients. With some help from Mom, Aine made her own mask and prepared the whole class which included background information on the plague, how it spread, and why doctors wore the masks. She even worked up an entrance script in which she came into the class wearing the mask and asked if anyone had been showing signs of the plague. At the demo, she taught 4 sessions and a total of 120 kids, all of whom were amazed considering she is only 7. The first question that was asked during the Q&A portion was "How old is she?" The last group of students even gave her a standing ovation!

We recently received a number of thank you cards and some additional information. Aine was ecstatic to find out a large portion of the thank yous were for her specifically. The crowning glory, however, was a note from the teacher who organizes the event. Having seen the class and reviewed the materials, she has decided to add the information to her curriculum as one of the elective projects she offers the students. Needless to say we're very proud of her and we hope no one minds our blowing her horn a bit here.

We think this shows that youth can and will be active beyond expectations if they are given the chance. Currently she is thinking ahead to next year's demo and is trying to decide if she wants to do a class on Lucet weaving or teach the dance class. :)

The Very Proud Parents,
Wulfric and Mihrimah