Games Day

Come one, come all to Games Day, an event for games and gamers of all sorts. We will have a wide assortment of games and game related competitions. Games will include chess, cribbage, backgammon, Ur and various other period games. We encourage you to bring any period games that you have so that there will be a lot of boards to go around.

For fighter fun, we invite you to join us in Winter's Gate baseball, a challenging way to satisfy the fighting urge. We also challenge you to Winter's Gate croquet (rhymes with bucket) which is played on the worst ground we can find. A refreshments competition will provide treats for hard playing gamers, followed by a roast beast for feast. Please note that this is a dry site, refreshment competition included.

Competitions are:

  • Adult's and children's games tournaments: play as many games as you like, one point earned for every game you play, two for the ones you win!
  • The "Not Well" chess tournament: in an informal but extensive poll, it seems that many people play chess, "but not well," so this tournament is for you. Prizes will be given to both the winner of the tournament and to the most glorious loser.

A&S competitions:

  • Game related paraphernalia (pieces, boards, containers, pouches, etc.)
  • Create your own "period" game: rules, pieces creative

Bardic competition: songs, stories, or poetry celebrating gaming

"Earl of Sandwich" refreshments competition: game-friendly refreshments, both food and drink (finger foods, teas, lemonade, root beer.just suggestions). Please bring entries with enough servings to refresh gamers.

Feast will be potluck, bring your favorite dish to share. The Barony will provide a meat/beast for dinner.

Site is open 11 am to 10 pm.

Site fee $5, children 5 and under free

Directions: Take the Steese North (towards Fox) and take a RIGHT on Farmer's Loop. Take the first LEFT, followed by a RIGHT at Kniffen (by Shield's Rental). Continue to go straight as Kniffen turns to the right, and the Lang's are the last house on the LEFT. Signs will be posted.