Great Court Removed from Pennsic War Schedule

Great Court, long a tradition at the Pennsic War, has been removed from the schedule, according to Baron Devon, Mayor of Pennsic 32.

SCAdians looking through the schedule of Royalty Social Events at Pennsic 32 have noticed something is missing. Great Court, a gathering of most of the royalty of the Known World and a tradition at Pennsic, has been replaced with a Closing Ceremony Friday evening in the Barn. According to Mayor Devon, "This decision was made in coordination with the royalty liaison by the principal royals."

The Battlefield and Royalty Social Schedules for Pennsic 32 were published earlier this week.

and field battle

is best two ouf three???

How much longer coudl a battle be???

can we say injuries kiddies?

War ends Friday?

So, if the Closing Ceremonies is scheduled for Friday night, does that mean that the War is officially over on Saturday? I know lots of people have been packing up and going home on Saturday but it's a shame for those who can only come to War on the weekends. Do we get a discount from the Cooper's for that day?


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Justin Webmaster,

Re: and field battle

Actually, they ran three field battles back-to-back a couple of years ago, didn't they? I didn't think those were that horrendous, from what I recall of fighting all three of them.

Re: and field battle

Actually they did that last year ... fought the field battle 3 times in a row, with CA/thrown/siege allowed in the last one.

It worked pretty well. Especially since field battles tend to go so quickly.

Re: War ends Friday?

It looks that way, doesn't it... I guess it's all for the sake of convenience, but then, if convenience is to be the bottom line, let's all just go camping in shorts and t-shirts, and play volleyball for the war point. That way, we could even dispense with the chiurgeons and the waterbearers....

Re: War ends Friday?

Personally, I always find Saturday as a wonderful day to relax and watch everyone else pack up. So far as I can see, the War has been ending on Friday night with most of the campers leaving sometime Saturday for at least the last 5 years. Sunday morning, the place looks deserted in comparison to how it looks on Saturday morning.

Myself, I prefer to leave on Sunday. It's much easier to strike camp when no one else is there trying to get your help striking theirs - and you can help the others in your camp who have farther to go and thus, leave earlier. It's also much easier to get to the highway on Sunday morning, not nearly as much traffic.

Smiles, Despina de la Brasov, Middle Kingdom