Shire Eresborg's Summer Camp

Welcome to the Incipient Shire of Eresborg's summer camp. (This is not an official event, but you are all welcome anyway.)

Date : July 22nd to July 24th - 2005

Price : Free

Registration : Please, would love to know if anyone wants to come.

Hareskoven, Ny åsevang
Frederiksborgvej at Kulhus.

Drive on the Motorway towards Hillerød, from Copenhagen. (Called 16, you can get to it by following E47 and E55 through copenhagen) When you reach ramp 7, get off the motorway, and continue along Frederiksborgvej.

When you hit Frederiksborgvej there should be forest on both sides. Soon after there will be somewhat of a clearing along the right side of the road for a bit, and then some trees will show up again with houses among them. That is the place where you look for the parking spot.

The camp is open for everyone, it's small and simple. Our plan is to have fun, fight and enjoy camping. Read the mission for a bit more information. Basically it will be training weapons, tactics and the works during the day. Have tournaments and games also. And in the evening, have fun around the camp fire.

Look a bit around, there isn't that much on this page, but it should be enough to inform you. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us.

Hope to see you out there.