Internet Access Comes to Pennsic War

MysticMail, a venture of the people who created the web site, marks the first commercial Internet provider to come to Pennsic War. Although is a non-commercial web site, MysticMail is a merchant selling Internet access. This is the first time anyone has offered commercial Internet access from the War, and the owners of the booth have taken pains to be discreet in their presence on site.

Reactions have been mixed. Some people are offended at the notion of Internet access on site, but many others (including the editorial staff) are thrilled to be able to perform necessary bits of modern-world work conveniently and in a way that is less obtrusive to others. The MysticMail booth is a windowless, period-looking mock cottage with the entrance at the rear. Inside are about ten computers which can be rented by the minute for Internet access.

There is also bare-Ethernet access for those who wish to use their own laptop. The rental workstations run mostly Windows but a Linux station is also available.