Instructors Needed for Known World Academy of the Rapier

THL Christopher MacConing, Assistant Dean of Classes for the Known World Academy of the Rapier, is seeking instructors for the upcoming event to be held in the Kingdom of Atlantia November 11-13, 2005.

His Lordship writes:

My Lords and Ladies of the Knowne Worlde,

As Mistress Thjora Arnkitelsdottir has stated, KWAR will held this year in the Barony of Lochmere in the Kingdom of Atlantia (Annapolis, MD). I hope that all the rapier fighters of the Knowne World will consider attending so that we may make new friends, see old friends, share our collected wealth of knowledge, and enjoy great fencing.

The Honorable Lady Kate Maunsel, Provost of Atlantia, has volunteered to act as the Dean of Classes for this year's gathering, and has begun accepting offers for classes. Should you be interested in teaching this year, please contact her via email )

Information provided for classes should include the following:

  • Your Name (SCA and Mundane)
  • Contact information
  • Class Title
  • Brief Course Description
  • Length of time required
  • Any space requirements needed
  • Possible fees
  • Lecture or Fighting class

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself, Lady Maunsel, or the Autocrat Mistress Thjora ( ).

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing you on the field.

In Service,

THL Christopher MacConing
Asst. Dean of Classes
Companion of the Order of the White Scarf, Atlantia