Hats and Bats at Centre Ice: The Sir Thorbjorn Osis Memorial Fighter Day

"Those who had particularly lovely bruises stood up on chairs and showed them off, while the person who delivered them signed them with a red felt tip pen." Colyne Stewart, Ealdormerean correspondent, takes part in a day of fighting in memory of one of Ealdormere's legendary warriors.

Hats and Bats at Centre Ice
Event Report: The Sir Thorbjorn Osis Memorial Fighter Day, June 11, 2005
Laird Colyne Stewart

In the summer of 1999, Sir Thorbjorn Osis was the king of Ealdormere, the second king of our young kingdom. Returning from an out-of-kingdom event he was involved in a car accident that claimed his life and the life of fellow passenger Lady Bernadette of Lauren. To celebrate the life of this King of Ealdormere, this former king of the Middle, this knight, the Canton of Skeldergate [note 1] held an Osis-style event. The planned activities for the day included (as the event flyer stated): “FIGHTING – Also...watching fighting, talking about fighting, fighting classes, heavy weapons authorizations, even more fighting...