History of Plumbing

Ever wonder how our forefathers managed waste disposal? Learn how it was handled throughout the ages on the Plumbing World website.

From ancient Babylon to the White House, this site looks at history's "dirty little secrets." Of particular interest is the section on English plumbing from the Roman period through the 19th century.

Many thanks to Ingvild for posting this link on the Atlantia list.

I've been reading a lot about

I've been reading a lot about this topic of late and I have to say that this article sucks. You can't dismiss all of medieval water systems by quoting a few religious fanatics. If anyone is seriously interested in this topic I suggest they read:

Magnusson, Roberta J. Water Technology in the Middle Ages: Cities, Monasteries, and Waterworks after the Roman Empire. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001 ISBN 0-8018-6626-X