Lilies War: News from the Front

Conde Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon reports from the frontlines on what is happening at Lilies War in the Kingdom of Calontir.

His Excellency writes:

Due to the storms, Saturday's fighting was originally canceled. But then the weather cleared up quite nicely so they decided to un-cancel it. Unfortunately by this time Baron Malachi, one of the two warlords scheduled to fight that day, had left site. Therefore the fighting became purely for fun. The battles which had been scheduled for Baron Malachi and Master Andrixos' day of battles will be fought on Monday and Tuesday in addition to the regular battles for those days.

Because of this, the first "real" battles of the way were Sunday between my forces and those of Baron Angus.

My host, arrayed in gold, mustered at my encampment for the long grueling march to the battlefield. Accompanied by Lord Delric, Mistress Maggie, and H.L. Nakano with their guitar, trumpet, and drum, we crossed the field with banners flying and spirits high. We met Baron Angus's black force at the battlefield pavilions (placed this year on the Outland's point side of the field).

Master Andrixos and Sir Rolf, commanders in their own right, brought troops to aid my cause, while Sir Semjaka, Baron Magnus, and Sir Malachi joined forces with Baron Angus.

His Excellency Angus then spoke most eloquently for all the commanders when he said just how wonderful this opportunity was for us. Each of us commanders has been given an incredibly rare gift -- A chance to lead the Falcon host, and in effect have the world told by the Crowns we served "This man speaks with Our voice on these matters martial." This gift is one treasured by each of the eight commanders, and by every other general ever blessed to lead the Calon Host. To then give us this chance to muster forces once more - this time under our own banners is just amazing.

I then spoke on how great it was to be able to do this with our friends. Each of the eight commanders has commanded, fought beside, and fought under the command of each of the others. No matter what this "war" brings we know that next time we'll be side by side once more.

We were not fighting for life and liberty but for the two most valuable commodities in the SCA fun and honor, and I believe those were both increased that day.

We fought two battles at the castle that day, with the victory being decided by how quickly the fortress could be taken. With a main and postern gate, and 4 windows the castle was a dangerous killing ground. Great valor was shown by many as they charged into the gates or at the windows, great skill was shown by fighters of both sides, and it seemed everyone had a lot of fun. But when all was said and done His Excellency Angus' forces held the fortress much longer than my own.

The second battle was held on the "broken" field. Basically a small field strewn with haybale obstacles. Each army had 4 banners to defend, and the battle went to the first side to capture 3 of the enemy banners. With a small field there was no way for the banner to run, so it became a straight up fight, in which Angus' forces once more proved victorious.

Baron Angus advances to the next round of the "tournament," where our combined forces will face those of Baron Malachi and Master Andrixos (under which their banners is of course still to be determined.)

Fernando - home till Tuesday night