AEthelmearc's Queen to Sponsor Children's Novelty Shoot

Her Majesty Tessa, Queen of AEthelmearc, will be sponsoring a Children's Novelty Archery Shoot at the upcoming Pennsic War.

Her Majesty writes:


Just a quick note that I will be sponsoring a Youth Novelty shoot up on the target archery range on Staurday 13th August at 2 pm. Following Our Youth Shoot, there will be a Youth Archery Rose Tourney of Countess Kenna's. Master Charles O'Connor is taking over as the youth archery marshal/coordinator (sorry I forgot what the specific name for the position) for Pennsic, so he can give more details and information on these shoots.

If anyone would like to help with prizes and/or scrolls (small, portable ones, please), please let Us know or contact Master Charles. We would also love to give out some pewter tokens to each competitor, if anyone can help us with making them, please contact Us ASAP

We believe this is a great opportunity for Our youth to show their skills on the archery range. We hope to see many of Our Youth up on the range and We hope it is a great time for all.

We would also like to put a dayshade up on the archery range this Pennsic, along with banners and pennants that are weather friendly, to serve as shade for anyone. Since Pennsic is held on Our lands, We would like to show Our support for Our archers and provide some shade for those up on the archery range. The kingdom does have a shade that should work for this. It isn't large, but it should help. We still need to decide which day We should put the shade up, but We would welcome help in putting it up. Many hands make light work. If you are willing and able to help with this, please let Us know. We would also welcome archery and/or kingdom pennants. It would be nice to show Our Kingdom pride and let people know where they are. :)

We welcome all offers of help and suggestions.

Thank you,