Murder Melee in the Meadow XXII

The Barony of Ben Dunfirth proudly presents Murder Melee in the Meadow XXII.

Come one, come all, to Murder Melee in the Meadow XXII

There are many new attractions to come and see; tug-a-war, scavenger hunts for one and all, many children's activities, jousting, the return of the obstacle course relay race on Friday night, live tablero, a fund-raiser archery shoot, a restaurant with flushies and an ATM (during regular extended business hours), improvments to internal roads to make them more accessible to camping, among many other new attractions. We also have the traditional Melee activites we all love, such as; 10 man melees (among a wide variety of other fighting activities), baronial great court, hound coursing, house Teach Cairdeas' coffee house, and all the social gatherings we love.

June 15th - 19th, 2005

Mizner's Flea Market, 367 Hwy #5 West, (3 kms west of Hwy 6 and Hwy 5 - North side) Come, Enjoy, and have a great time at Ealdormere's Oldest Camping Event!