Archery, Equestrian, & Children's Championships

Rognvald Hersir and Baroness Isrith invite all those who believe themselves to be champions to come and compete for the honor of being Champion of the Horse or Champion of the Bow. Show your best for the glory of our Great Barony!

Stromgaards' Children's Championship will also be held on this great day. Prizes will be had by all!

Those wishing to compete are requested to submit a petition to Their Excellencies in opening Court. Please notify the autocrat if you are bringing a horse.


Autocrat: Everild Batye

Site Info: Amboy Territorial Park, 21400 NE 399th Street, Amboy, WA. The event opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 7:00 PM.

Site fees are: age 13-Adult (members) $7, age 6-12 will be $4, under 6, free. Family cap of $25. $3 NMS is in effect. Make checks payable to: SCA, Inc, Barony of Stromgard

Directions: Take your best route to I-205 in Vancouver, WA. Then take Route 500 East (exit 30) about one mile. Stay in one of the main lanes and this will become Route 503 North to Battleground. Stay on 503 for about 20 miles until you get to Amboy. Look for the Amboy Market on your left. Turn left on 399th Street, just past the store. Amboy Territorial Park is on the right.