Members of Legio IX Hispana Deploying to Active Duty

Several members of Legio IX Hispana, an SCA-wide Roman re-enactment household headquartered in Caid, have been called to active duty by the US Marine Corps. Hibernicus writes:

Three members of Legio IX Hispana who are USMC will be shipping out in a day or two to the Middle East; another goes to Okinawa in a few months (which might change); one who is US Army Reserve has received orders as well.

One of the pleasures of doing Roman Warband and Re-enactment in Caid, Calafia in particular, is the participation of men who have served or are active duty military. They bring a special experience and a real life perspective to our play acting at things military.

We have always had members come and go... new duty stations, West-Pac, activated Reserves, Desert Storm/Shield. This time we have three maybe four members who may be going in harm's way.

It is an honor to know these men... and their wives and their children.

Please, if you will, join us in wishing them well... in prayers, in thought, in deed.



Reprinted by kind permission of the author. The text has been slightly edited (paragraphs re-ordered) to fit the web format.