Minstrel Takes Beating to Help Orphans

An SCA member in Drachenwald (Europe) has announced his intention to fight one thousand fights at Pennsic War this year to help the Žirafka Orphanage in the Czech Republic. He has named this "The Fight for Kids Challenge".

In order to complete the Challenge, Freiman will travel thousands of kilometers from Bavaria, Germany, to Western Pennsylvania, USA, where an annual gathering called Pennsic War draws thousands of participants every year. One thousand fights is a tremendous amount of combat. Most tournaments have opponents fighting less than five opponents. A very, very, large tourney will have a fighter meet twenty or thirty. Freiman will fight one thousand fighters over the course of ten days.

For each opponent he fights, sponsors will donate one cent, five cents, ten cents, twenty five cents, or a dollar or Euro (which also uses "cents"). The money will be sent to a dedicated account at Community Bank, a branch of Bank of America that services the Overseas US military community. Here funds will be collected, exchanged, and wired directly to the orphanage’s bank account. Hopefully, the money will be delivered one hundred and twenty days after the last fight, arriving in mid December.

For more information or to make a pledge, visit the "Fight for Kids" website at the "original article" link below.