East Kingdom Twelfth Night Bids Farewell to His Majesty

In a touching moment at East Kingdom Twelfth Night, attendees bid farewell to their King. On the East Kingdom list, Ana Raquel de Guzman, Arts Minister of Crown Province of Ostgardr, writes about some of the last moments of Andreas' tenure as King of the East:

"At approximately 8:45 pm at Twelfth Night, one of the King's men announced that His Majesty had just been activated. The King had announced during court that this was a possibility, but he received the call just as he was leaving the event. The announcement was made when the dancing was well underway. As soon as the announcement was over, a mezzo-soprano (?) whose name I don't know, began singing "God save the King." With the second line, everyone who knew that song had joined in.

The Queen retired briefly and communicated with His Majesty, then came back, head high, and the dancing continued. There were a few in the hall who were in tears, and she went to them and consoled them.

It was not unexpected, but it is still a shock. There are others among us who will be following him as well. Let's keep them all in our prayers, and be kind to each other."

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