Summer Hunt

Sound the trumpets! Sharpen your swords! A beast is loose in our woods and the Summer Hunt is afoot! We need your agility, your keen eye, your trackers and beaters, your hounds (your children cleverly disguised as hounds) to find and slay the beast who has invaded our territory. Afterwards we shall celebrate the hunt with feasting, dancing, bardics and contests.

Date and Fees:
June 18-19 2005
Houston Campground, Houston Alaska


  • The Consort Relay Race: If you plan on participating in the hunt, your consort must participate in the race. How well does your consort know how to put on your armor?
  • The Hunt Running through the woods chasing the quarry, catch the quarry, what more is there to say?
  • The Hounds: The kids will be our "hounds" and help track and chase the beast through the woods. Prizes will be given for "Best Tracker, Best Howler and Best Overall Dog." Face painting and ears provided before hand to help with their dog-itude!
  • Create-A Favor: A table full of supplies, an hour to create a favor.
  • New Garb Contest: The contest is "Best garb for under $25.00"; this will show newcomers that you don't need to spend a fortune to look good. Undergarments which are not visible and shoes don't have to be counted in the finished outfit for purposes of meeting the $25.00 limit, although if you can manage to include them you'll get extra points. Entries must include an itemized list of materials and their costs. If you didn't buy an item, then please explain how you acquired it ("found in a dumpster", "my sister was throwing out her wedding dress", etc. (Description used by permission.)
  • Brewing: Two Divisions, two categories each.
    • Beers:
    • Cordials:
  • Rapier Double Elimination Tournament
  • Archery: The Baroness' Archery Champion will be decided on the field this day.

Saturday night will be a feast of Selviergard proportions! Feast will be potluck with the main meats and breads provided. Please bring a dish sufficient to feed 8-10 by your SCA first name as follows:

  • Salads/Veggies: A-G
  • Sides/Starches: H-M
  • Main Dish: N-R
  • Desserts: S-Z

Please note that all other meals are self-provided. We will have coffee and hot water for tea or hot cocoa provided.

Miscellany: Please note that the Selviergard Business Meeting will be conducted first thing Saturday morning before the festivities begin. Courts times to be determined. There will be SCA 101 Classes offered over the weekend for the newcomers and any one else wanting to refresh their memories. Saturday night will bring dancing and the bardic giving everyone a chance to recount the hunt and brag of their prowess.

From the south: Take your best route to the Parks Highway heading north. Travel to milepost 57.3, Armstrong Rd and turn right. Follow signs into the campground. (Look for the giant ice cream cone and turn right onto Armstrong Rd. If you go past the ice cream cone, you've gone too far!) From the north: Take your best route to the Parks Highway heading south. Travel to milepost 57.3, Armstrong Rd and turn left. Follow signs into the campground.

Site Opens 5:00PM Friday for set up
Site Closes 5:00PM Sunday (3:00PM - 5:00PM designated for cleanup)

Fees: $8.00 per Adult (13 years and older) $5.00 per child (6-12 Years) 0-5 years old, Free $3.00 NMS $5.00 per campsite per night; payable with your site fee

Autocrat Contact Information:
Elisa bat Avraham / Elisa Coatney