Wedding Tournament & Feast

While the rest of your friends are preparing for winter next November, head to Australia and enjoy a marvelous spring weekend celebrating love and partnership at the Wedding of Crian and Kareina.

The site is in beautiful Allens Rivulet, a short 25-minute drive from downtown Hobart, Tasmania. Escape the modern world and spend a relaxing medieval weekend camping in a streamside meadow below a vineyard with a sandstone cliff for a backdrop. Listen to the sounds of Tasmanian devils frolicking across the creek in the evenings. Watch for rare sightings of the platypus in the creek. The site will open at noon on Friday and close on Sunday at 5pm.

The weekend's activities include a bardic circle Friday evening, dancing several times over the weekend, fighting, an (optional) feast on Saturday, and classes and workshops on Sunday.

For Friday's bardic there will be tokens of appreciation presented for best original piece, best performance of a period piece, best piece with a theme of love/marriage/partnership, and a special token for the person instigating the most sing-along songs (hint: you may bring print-outs of the words).

Tournament: There will be a glorious Pas de Arms on Saturday in honour of partnerships. It will be open to teams of partners of all sort, be they soul-mates, bound by oaths of fealty, or simply chance met strangers willing to work together for the day. The field will be open to all challengers beginning at 10:00 am (armour inspection beginning at 09:00). As the couple of the day, Crian and Kareina will begin the day by accepting challenges from other partnerships in the name of honour, glory, and a roaring good time. Then the field will be open for other groups to accept challenges in the name of whichever cause(s) they would like to defend. The viewing gallery will be asked to observe the combatants and award prizes for chivalry, best use of teamwork, best death, best challenge (so be flowery in your speeches! (hint-you may hire a herald if you need one)), and best display upon the field (particularly pretty period armour, heraldic tabards/surcotes, decorated shields, etc,).

Feast: There will be a served feast for 50 people on Saturday in the early evening to celebrate the wedding. Tickets are available from Kareina at $17 per person. If there are any seats still available on the day, tickets will be sold at the door at the same price.

Collegia: Sunday will be reserved for classes on various topics. It is hoped that there will be at least one international guest available to teach in their speciality (hint: volunteer now!).

Accommodation & Food: International travellers who would prefer to buy into a kitchen for the weekend rather than bringing cooking equipment and doing shopping upon arrival may do so. Tent space and bedding can also be arranged if needed. Crash space before and after the event can be arranged, and there are many enjoyable sightseeing opportunities in Tasmania. Contact Kareina for more information.

Cost: There is no charge for event attendance, however, donations to help cover expenses are appreciated. The feast is optional, and tickets may be purchased until they are sold out.

Lochac Crown: For travellers with additional time available, the weekend before is Crown Tournament, held near Sydney, a major port of entry to the country this year. See for more information as the event draws closer.