Modern Knights Templar Still Searching for Grail A group of Knights Templar are using modern technology to search Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh for the Holy Grail. Rosslyn Chapel, the 15th century home of the Knights Templar in Scotland, contains a labyrinth of vaults which investogators hope will hold long-sought artifacts, maybe even the Holy Grail. A group of modern day Templars are using technology such as ultrasound to survey the area around the chapel, looking for such items as the reputed "mummified head of Christ" and the Grail.

Rosslyn Chapel was built as a celebration of the life of Christ and is in itself a fascinating building. John Ritchie, spokesman for the Templars, says, "Rosslyn is an amazing building. It is a book in stone but, because the symbolism which is written into the chapel is in a medieval language, we haven't even cracked the introduction page yet." Members believe that the ornate design of the building contains a code leading to the whereabouts of hidden treasures including the Grail.