SCA Summer Camp

As the temperature rises its can only mean one thing, summer is here. What would summer be without summer camp? Come and join the Barony of Axemoor as we enjoy a weekend of classes, fighting, and a dip in the pool at SCA Summer Camp, held at the WOW site in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Are you moping around the house because you can’t make Pennsic this year? Are you wallowing in self-pity because your friends are in Pennsylvania having more fun than you are? Are you contemplating the length of your toenails, while trying to pass the time in the middle of August? GET UP! There is life away from Pennsic! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

So don’t sit there wondering about the consistency of ketchup! Run! Don’t walk! Jump on your horse and high tail to the Woodsmen of the World site in Hattiesburg, MS. On August 12th-14th the second annual SCA Summer Camp is kicking off again. We’ll have fun for the whole clan. The schedule of events include children’s activities for the wee ones, fighting for brutes, hands on classes for the intellectuals, swimming for our aquatic land monkeys, and to top it off the 2nd Gleann Abhann Beer and Bratwurst Bearer’s Guild Grill Competition.

That’s right! Come on out all you grill connoisseurs. Let the smack talking begin, you Commandants of the open flame. Test your culinary skills against the well-tested pallets of your friends in Gleann Abhann. Every one thinks that they can cook. Prove it! Show the world that you are the Lord of the Grill and Master of the Marinade. Axemoor will provide the side dishes and desserts & you guys provide the meat.

Visit for our internet flyer.

Also we know that the buzz is on about the Cook-off competion so visit for the internet copy of the rules.

We are still on the lookout for A&S classes to fill out our schedule. If you have a class that you would like to teach please contact the autocrats at either or

Any questions or comments can be sent to the above addresses as well.

We hope to see you there!

THL Tegan verch Dwgan and Ld Byron DeLancy
Co-Autocrats for SCA Summer Camp '05