Robert Talbot and Tristan der Facheltrager Battle for Northshield's Princess' Sleeve

Don Simon Morcar reports on Princesses' Sleeve Tourney, which took place recently in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Don Simon writes:

To this hall do I bring Greetings and news from AARG IV.

'Twas upon the shores a blue and placid lake that a drama of steel and courage played itself out. Of the deeds of arms, the displays of honor, and the bitter shades of defeat, I will leave it for bards better than I to relate. I am but a simple Don, more eloquent with steel than pen, and so will only relay the the barest facts on this page, lest I dispatch my poor readers with an ill-timed and ill-intended verbal flourish.

From among a hard fought, valiant and honorable list did Lord Robert Talbot and Warder Tristan der Facheltrager emerged as the final two combatants for the Princesses' Sleeve. At the request of Her Highness Aesa, the combatants faced one another in all five rapier forms, with Warder Tristan emerging the final victor with three victories to Robert's two. In Her Wisdom, Her Highness asked Robert to wear Her sleeve, stating that since his skill and deterination inspired Her, She would have him inspire others as well.

Yea, and I would be remiss if I did not state that on the second day of event, there was an Open School challenge sponsored by the Black Isle Academy of Defense. My poor words cannot do justice the feats of arms the scholars of the various schools performed -- I will only say that the future of rapier in Northsheild is both bright and daunting for those who would take the field. In the final measure, it was THL Janvier der Wasserman who stood victorious. Be warned rapier fighters of Northshield -- here is a scholar who is not to be trifled with.

For Lord Robert, the holder of the Princesses' Sleeve; for Warder Tristan; for THL Janvier; and most especially for Her Highness -- Vivant!

So do I put my mark to this poor missive and name myself,

Don Simon Morcar