Authentic-style poetry salutes Frederick Blackmoore as An Tir's newest knight

On Sunday, May 29th, A. S. XXXX, King Skeggi and Queen Taisiia created An Tir’s newest knight, Sir Frederick Blackmoore. The 31st Egil Skallagrimson Memorial Tournament was the location for the ceremony.

On Saturday evening a feast was held, with Squire Frederick’s vigil happening afterward. He received visitors bringing sage advice, words of wisdom, challenging queries, and many, many best wishes through the night, until he at last sought his tent at the watery light of the new day.

Sunday evening, he received the Accolade in Royal Court. His knight, Jarl Sir Ulfred, spoke for him, as did his former squire brother Sir Olin Ulfredsson, and his inspiration, Sayyida Angelika al Medina. There were 9 witnesses attending him at the ceremony, in addition to the gathered Chivalry and audience.

Jarl Ulfred and Count Ceasan made the white belt. Sir Olin offered Frederick his own chain, passed to Olin by their former squire brother, Sir Octamasades, who first wore the chain. Earl Sir Edward Ean Anderson provided the spurs, kneeling to put them on the new knight.

Those of the Chivalry nearest Sir Frederick moved quickly to brace him for the buffet, but they were not necessary, as he stood solidly. King Skeggi, however, did need to readjust his crown afterward.

This poem was written by Frederick after the Norse style of Drottkvaet, and read by HL Sven Odeneye as the procession entered court and approached the Thrones.

Sir Frederick Blackmoore’s Knighting Ode or Svarti Saga Egils Tourney May 29th, AS XXXX

War Wings raised in Western Seas
Battle’s arm embraced in white sands nest
Northern Castle’s son Valeran do Pico
With skaldic winds of wisdom taught
Bards Keep herald’s voice spake
Marshal’s guarded staff held
Wise counsel given to Seneschal’s ear
Lofted by beaten steel’s hammer song
Champion’s sword raised in glinting suns dew
Fallen in final years to Coronets borne on fated brow
Gifted time then to tread quietly for Black Lion’s realm
With glad heart and clouded storms
Raven’s flight found on high winds tide
Showing grim friends and glad foes
To fill with war’s sweet battle brew
Happy defender of Dragons Mist home
Twice champion of Blasted Trees Land
Proud Champion of Storm Guarded Mountains Three
Sweltered heart gleaned through long years falls
And Three speakers gained under Great Badger’s hall
Jarl Ulfred, Great Dromfjell! Father of all
Speaker of Wisdom and walker of lands
Sir Olin Past Wartooth, newly named Ulfredsson
Thunder hand and Battle Tongue speaker
Sayyida Angelika, Flame danced hair and hound courser
Bright inspiration from jeweled brows smile

Come now and join these three speakers to make the 9 Witnesses to this kind moment.

Baroness Elfreda, soft watcher and storm calmer
Glorious point to the Badger’s worth
Baroness Khalja far speaker,
Knower of hearts and speaker of plans
Lord Arnsbjorn Storm Sword
Sly bringer of Loki’s blade
Lady Tekla battle’s bold singer
Fond companion of Mountains Glade Strength
Master Slade of dragon’s baneful blood
Bold word speaker of quick blade’s dance
Ladyship Ula Sweet grins master
Calm holder of clothes grim fight

Now let the three speakers give their witness words.