Garb the World

Garb the World provides custom made clothing and period shoes for all body sizes. Choose your own styles, colors, and trims. They offer a wide variety of goods, including tunics, pants, cloaks, dresses, kilts, shirts, robes, veils, etc., and they have leather goods, including long ring belts of all colors. Featured items include "First-Time Specials" as well as outfits for Vikings, Normans, Anglo-Saxons, and even Jutes.

All sewing is done in the US by workers earning a living wage, mostly SCA stay-at-home moms. They have a toll-free number 800-795-8092 and can deliver large wholesale orders within four weeks, even if each item is custom fit.

Garb the World specializes in SCA-size bodies, i.e., all shapes and sizes, offering sturdy and comfortable clothes expected to last through many wars. Most items are machine-washable.

The company also offers period shoes, with most patterns from "Shoes and Patterns from Medieval Excavations in London." Also available are earlier period turn shoes, viking shoes, and all the way up to Tudor, Civil war, and more. Shoes are custom-made to your style, size and color, so delivery is not as fast as other items.

toll free number is wrong

The correct number is: 1.800.795.8092

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