Barony of Far West Makes SCA History

Last weekend Western History was made at the Palatine Barony of the Far West’s Coronet Tourney held in the Stronghold of Eternal Winds (Misawa, Japan). Lady Ysabelle d'Angiers, fighting for Lord Sporran the Piper, won the Coronet by right of her Strong Mind, Excellent Documentation, and Outstanding Arts.

Lady Ysabelle and Lord Sporran are both members of the Famed Tokyo Death Team, noted for their Research and A&S on Death in the Middle Ages).

It was a very tough field with all of the Competitors having outstanding entries. Some of you might remember Lady Ysabelle’s trip the Kingdom’s most recent 12th Night. During the past year the Tokyo Death Team, with the help of Countess Mari, have entered several Principality and Kingdom level A&S Competitions from Japan. Perhaps you have seen their work. Though somewhat bewildered by this turn of events, the two of them made a regal couple as Lady Ysabelle took the Coronet as the Palatine Baroness and then made Lord Sporran her Baron. I believe the two of them will quickly learn to walk in the halls of power, and grow in service to both their people and their King.

Lord Sporran will be the first Japanese National to serve as Baron of the Far West and swear fealty to the King of the West. Lord Sporran currently wishes to travel to Pennsic this year to lift his sword on his king’s behalf.

For those who do not know, every other Coronet in the Far West is decided by an A&S Tourney. The entrants must submit five unrelated items, though they may have the same theme. A reign is six months. It is very tough to do this and demands that each person seeking the Coronet is somewhat versatile in their skills.

Congratulations to the new Palatine Baroness Ysabelle and Baron Sporran, Coronets of the Far West. May they have a successful and fruitful time during their reign.

Sir Guy LeStrange