More on the An Tir Crown Tourney finals

Baroness Elfreda, from the Barony of Three Mountains, witnessed An Tir's recent Crown Tournament, in which Sir Uther won the crown for Duchess Angharad, and brings us this detailed report of the finals.

Baroness Elfreda writes:

On Saturday, May 21st, A.S. XXXX, Duke Sir Uther Schiemann der Hunt of the Kingdom of the West, inspired by Her Grace, Duchess Angharad Drakenhefd, won An Tir's May Crown.

In the finals, he met Viscount Sir Einar Vikingson, who fought for Riddari Rauokinn Eyverska Starradottir.

This was An Tir's 48th Crown Tournament, and it had a field of 83 fighters on eight list fields. The tournament was held in the Shire of Corvaria, in the Principality of the Summits, and the day was breezy and mostly cloudy, with a temperature in the low 70s that made it nearly ideal for the fighters.

Their Majesties King Skeggi and Queen Tasiia exhorted the assembled entrants to be sure that first, their audience had a good time, and second, that their opponents had a good time, and that would ensure that they the fighters had a good time as well.

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