Great Northeastern War XIX

Great Northeastern War is primarily a "War Practice" event, which means that one major activity at the event will be a form of combat based on the tournaments of the High Middle Ages.

Great Northeastern War provides plenty of other activities besides combat! Classes in topics related to the Middle Ages and our recreation of them will take place throughout the weekend. There will also be an Arts & Sciences competition, where modern artifiacts made in the Medieval style will be exhibited and judged. Classes and competition in Medieval-style archery will take place. There will be a Royal Court, where the King and Queen grant awards to worthy gentlefolk. Saturday evening will feature a Bardic Circle, where Medieval-style songs and stories will be performed. Merchants, selling all types of wares useful to the recreationist, will be open throughout the weekend. Renaissance dance and music will be taught and performed. And, all weekend, you will meet and mingle with others who are interested in learning more about history in a hands-on way, and who are spending a weekend transported from their everyday lives.