Renassaince Faire Seeks Cook

Lady Elisabeth Henley reports that tryouts for the Maryland Renaissance Festival are rapidly approaching. One of the positions available will be the cook for the popular "Cooking with the Kytsons" demonstration.

Lady Elizabeth writes:

First the disclaimer... I am *not* part of the management in any way, shape or form... I've just been working at the Maryland Renaissance Festival as a re-enactor for the last 5 runs, and plan to continue this year. Note that's "re-enactor", not "actor"... we do our best to portray our characters in that period, and generally (there may be minor exceptions here or there) do *not* have scripted lines for anything. I'm posting because I was requested to, hoping that someone who has some knowledge that is at least similar to the period might be interested.

Having said that...

The Company of St. George has just found out that our cook will not be back for this year's season. The "Cooking with the Kytsons" 'show', and her on-going demonstrations have been an extremely popular activity for people to watch and learn about the last few years, and we do want to continue to have that portion of our group continue. And no, obviously the person who fills the cook's position does not have to be a woman, men were as likely or moreso to be found in a manor's kitchen. And appearance? I doubt there would have been many who looked like me (half Japanese) working in a manor in England during the reign of King Henry VIII. :-)

We're hoping that someone out there who either already had a decent background in cooking in England in the early 1500s, or who is willing to do the work involved both in the cooking and in learning enough about that period and the job of cook between now and the beginning of faire in August (as much as others in the group can help during the day, we do and will do... though sometimes we need to be told that something's needed... once known, help is *always* given).

Tryouts for the Maryland Renaissance Festival in general are at the beginning of June, basic information on the group and application is available on the website.

Any questions that you think I can answer, please e-mail me at If I can't answer, and you want, I'll pass it on to the head of the Company (yes, website says 'guild', but that is being changed officially to "company"), or to our entertainment director, Carolyn Spedden as needed.

I'll admit that the job can have its downs... but I'm still with the group after 5 seasons, and the fun (not to mention the opportunity to tempt people into learning and getting interested in historical "stuff") has outweighed the downs that happen for me... or I wouldn't still be with them.


-Lady Elisabeth Henley... of Lochmere (mka, Liz Herman... at MDRF it's Mistress Mabel Ascomb, journeywoman embroideress and sempstress to Hengrave Hall)