Two SCAdians Injured in Auto Accident

Lady Gisela vom Kruezenbach and Master Thorgrim Steinarsonn were injured in a head-on collision Saturday, north of Allentown, PA while driving to East Kingdom 12th Night. Lady Rainillt Leia of the Shire of Hartshorn-dale reported that Lady Gisela von Kruezenbach and Master Thorgrim Steinarsonn were injured Saturday on their way to East Kingdom Twelfth Night. Lady Gisela was treated and released with bumps and bruises, but Master Thorgrim was hospitalized with several broken bones. He was admitted to Lehigh Valley Hospital (Cedar Crest and 1-78), and is still there as of this writing. Master Thorgrim will require long-term rehabilation and expects to be moved to another facility soon. At this time, he is in considerable pain, but in as good of humor as can be expected, according to Lady Rainillt.

Anyone wishing to send a card or phone may do so through the hospital contact:

Thane Dawson
Lehigh Valley Hospital (Cedar Crest & I-78)
Cedar Crest & I-78
Allentown, PA 18105