Newswire Celebrates Ten Thousandth Story Read's newswire reached a statistical milestone today, with our ten thousandth read of a news story. went online August 2, 2002, and since that time we have seen almost 400 stories scroll through the newswire. As of today, people have clicked ten thousand times on the story headline (or the "More..." link) to read more detail about a news item. We're absolutely thrilled to be seeing this kind of readership on a small site like this!

Those who have read the story details on have also continued to follow the URL back to the original story about 50% of the time. We weren't tracking these "outlinks" when first started, but since we began counting outlinks back in October 2002, over three thousand visitors have followed our link back to the original web story.

In the coming months, we'll be bringing you more services on this site, including an Event Calendar, a Groups Directory, a Merchant Marketplace, and an opportunity to be listed in our member directory.

This site is operated as a service to you, our readers, and we of the staff would like to thank you for rewarding our efforts with your continued readership. Seeing how many people read and enjoy this site is the best part of our job. Thank you for being a part of's success!