College War XII

Let every college in the Kingdom of Lochac gather, prepared for war and ready to smite down their most vile foes, yet ready also to revel and carouse, and to pursue the gentler arts.

Tara Girl Guides Camp,
335 Taylors Rd,
Silverdale, NSW 2752.
(Old Festival Site)

Members (college or SCA)
Booked and paid by 30th May: $95
Booked and paid by 30th June: $100
At the gate: $110

Booked and paid by 30th May: $100
Booked and paid by 30th June: $105
At the gate: $115

Day Rate (includes lunch and feast): $25

Bookings and General Questions:
Angharat (mka Rowena Foss)

Dormitory Accommodation:
Dorm accommodation is limited. Preference for beds given to those coming from interstate, or anyone with a real reason to need one. Anyone who wants a bed must let me know by the 15th of June.

There is plenty of space for camping, and those who prefer can bring bedding to colonise the lounge areas in the dorms.


  • Thursday 14th July:
    Site opens 5pm. Soup kitchen dinner.
  • Friday 15th July:            
    Morning- Valhalla Heavy Tourney, Light Tourney.
    Afternoon- War.
    Night- War declarations, Ball & Feast.
  • Saturday 16th July:     
    Morning- Fighting games (village football and more).
    Afternoon- ICAC. Heavy Tourney and Rapier Tourney (both round-robin).
    Night- Feast & A&S competition judging.
  • Sunday 17th July:          
    Morning- Heavy Tourney (College-based and non-college based teams)
    Afternoon- War.
    Night- Toga Party (underwear compulsory).
  • Monday 18th July:         
    Pack up and go home. Site to be cleared and cleaned by 1pm.

Points System- 1 point per entry (at the judges’ discretion). 5 pts for 1st place, 4 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd. Non college entries will receive feedback, but will not count for war points. Any item made since last college war can be entered. Each item can only be entered in one competition.

The competitions this year will be very generic, to allow for maximum participation.

  • Leather- finished or unfinished leather (or mostly leather) item. Eg: leather belts, leather-bound books.
  • Metalwork- finished or unfinished metal (or mostly metal) item. Eg: armour, jewellery.
  • Fabric- finished or unfinished fabric (or mostly fabric) item. Eg: tablet-weaving, cloaks.
  • Food and Drink- finished items only. Bonus points if you bring enough to share. J
  • Heraldry- This competition will be run on two levels.
    1)Best looking college- to be judged on the appearance of the melee team and associated supporters on Sunday afternoon.
    2)Heraldic item- eg shields, banners, surcoats.
  • Entertainment- to be performed on Saturday night. Eg: stories, songs, dances, musical pieces, juggling, plays.

On-Site A&S

  • Toga Making- white fabric and fabric paint to be provided. Completed products to be judged on Monday night.
  • Scavenger Hunt- clues given on arrival. Hunt runs throughout event and finishes on Sunday night.
  • College mascots- Mascots to be completed and on display for melee tourney on Sunday.