Youth Marshals to be Trained in AEthelmearc

Baron Daniel Lightfoot, Chancellor of the Youth Martial Academy of Aethelmearc, has put out a call for Youth Marshal trainees. His Excellency, Daniel Lightfoot, Baron of Endless Hills, has announced that the Youth Marshal Academy of AEthelmearc has designated times for meetings with Youth Marshals over the next few months. The Baron plans to attend the following events to meet with current marshals, discuss equipment and plan training:

Baronial Birthday, Endless Hills

Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins, Delftwood

Ice Dragon XXVI, Rhydderich Hael

Axes and Ales V, Sterlynge Vayle

War Practice and Sylvan Crusade, both in Steltonwald

Current Youth Marshals who have not spoken to His Excellency are encouraged to contact him at so that their names may be added to the list.