Gleann Abhann Crown Tourney Site has "No Pet" Policy

Gwyneth, Autocrat for Gleann Abhann's Crown List, has announced that attendees will not be allowed to bring animals to the site.

Gwyneth writes:

Folks -

It has come to my attention that I goofed and forgot to post the site rules regarding animals.

Camp Couchdale does not allow pets of any kind on site. If you show up with your dog, cat, gerbil, goldfish or bird, you will be asked to take it home. If anyone needs a reference to a local pet boarding facility, I have a couple of numbers you can call - however, I think they board dogs and cats only. Again - this is a site rule, not just the whim of the autocrat.

Please pass the word along. I feel terrible that I didn't get the word out earlier!


Autocrat, Crown List