Marshal Meadows Festival

Good gentles all, I bring greetings from the Incipient Canton of Offangaard and invite you all to mark your calendars for our premier event on July 23th.

Snuggled sweetly in the country about a half hour south of Ottawa, on the Marshal Meadows farm in Mountain Ontario, you will find a very friendly group awaiting to share a festival experience with you.

Our own King Edouard has agreed to join us for the day where you can accompany him in viewing or join with the archers, fighters and armoured combatants in action.

Marshal Meadows Farm
10830 Van Camp Road
Mountain, ON K0E 1S0

Site opens at 10:00 A.M, Site closes at 10:00 P.M.

$6 Adults
$4 Children 3-12
Babes in arms, free
$4 Non-Member Surcharge
$12 Adults
$6 Children 12 & under

There will be Royal courts, Martial Activities (armoured combat and Royal Tourney rapier combat), Archery & throwing weapons, merchants, Arts & Science, Children's activities, a daytime lunch table, a grand evening feast, games, a bardic circle around the bonfire and evening dancing!

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  • Bring your own lawnchair as we will be outdoors all day.
  • Site is not an allergy free zone!

Event Steward
Lady Gina Dragoni (Gina Cook)

Feast Steward
Herr Reinhart Von Altenburg (James Petersen)

Gate/Reservation Steward
Lady Emaline De Mornay (Donna Petersen)