Duke Boru Victorious in Meridies Crown Tourney

Iohann se pipere reports that Duke Boru Aelwyn, inspired by Lady Deirdre O'Tierghnan, was the victor of the Kingdom of Meridies Crown Tourney.

Lord Iohann writes:

Earlier today nine gallant warriors and their prospective consorts sought the title of Heir to the Meridian thrones. The final bout of the list was between Duke Boru Aelwyn, whom Lady Deirdre O'Tierghnan graciously allowed to honor her this day, and THL Johann Brotamoar, who fought for THL Elizabeth Rae. TRHs both hail from Sol Haven, while THL Johann and THL Elizabeth are citizens of Canton des Forges. In recognition of his prowess and chivalry during the tournament, HRM Lethrenn II asked THL Johann to serve as Her Champion.

In service,
Iohann se pipere