English Heritage Tournament starts off with great spectacle.

Saturday the 14th of May 2005 saw a new Series of English Heritage Tournaments start in spectacular style with displays of archery, mounted skill at arms, falconry, foot combant and culminating in the always-magnificent joust. Particular notes where the display of hand to hand combat with deadly intent, followed by a crunching joust carried out in tricky conditions.

The result of the first day of competition was a draw between the Gold team of Sir George Melton representing the Eastern areas of England and Sir Richard Mortimer's Green Team representing the West of England. Sir George's team was also victorious the following day which was held in glorious sunshine putting him in the overall lead of the series so far.

Feelings where running high in the hand to hand combat where the last placed combatant the previous day Wolfgang von der Weyden battled his way to first place it that section of the competition with a crunching display of endurance in the final melee. The rules for the final melee favour the hardy as its a free for all with the winner decided by who can stay on their feet the longest regardless of the blows from padded clubs raining down upon them.

A good review of the Saturday can be found in The Guardian, at the "original article" link below.

A full review of results and a full range of pictures from the weekend will be available the English Heritage website for the event.

The competition resumes again in Essex on June the 11th.