Black Prince's Birthday

The Year is 1359, the site is England. In celebration of Edward, the Prince of Wales' upcoming birthday a day of tournament, feast and revelry has been declared. The Barony of Black Diamond calls forth the most Noble of combatants, to bring their weapons of choice, their skill and prowess to this most Honorable field.

Heralds declare that this is a day for all Atlantia to celebrate one of the most historical men in history and quite possibly the 14th century. A day of skills to test martial skills as well as those skilled in the arts. To celebrate the Black Prince's birthday in all its glory we ask that you wear and display your finest garb. At the height of the day's martial activities will be honor, for honor is what holds a fighter true to their skills and path. This event will test this virtue and we know that Atlantia's fighters will not let us down.

Martial Activities: Friday evening will be a torchlight tourney for both heavy and rapier in a traditional bearpit.
Saturday will play host to heavy and rapier tournaments themed around honor. We encourage fighters to bring a consort and a herald, but this is not necessary for entry into the tourneys. There will be a target archery competition as well. Mounted games will be in attendance. Please contact Baroness Beatrice von Staufen at MIC: Baron Achbar ibn Ali (James Morrow)

Arts and Sciences: There will be several competitions including but not limited to, best use of a Barony's heraldry, best period encampment, illumination, personal heraldry, novice display, bardic, best field herald and open display. For further information contact THLady Alianor Atte Redswane at

Adult, Member: $ 7.00 Day-Trip $ 8.00 Feast $10.00

Adult, Non-Member: $10.00 Day-Trip $ 8.00 Feast $13.00
Child (6-17): $ 3.00 Day-Trip $ 8.00 Feast $ 5.00 Camping
Child (0-5): $ 0.00 Day-Trip $ 0.00 Feast $ 0.00 Camping

Notes: Reservations postmarked before 4/30/05 will receive a $3.00 discount. Checks should be made payable to Barony of Black Diamond, SCA Inc.

Site: Bland County Fairgrounds, Bland, VA 24315. Site Restrictions: Site is wet, no modern containers. Pets must be on a leash.

Feast: In grand celebration of the birthday a 4 remove feast will be prepared by Lady Senga MacBeathain. Please contact her at for dietary concerns or questions.

Merchants are encouraged to attend and need to contact the field steward at with the size of the pavilion. There is no merchant fee but space is limited to outdoors.

Autocrat/Reservations:Ravenna Storm (Brett McPeak)

From the south: Make your best route to I-77 North. Once in VA follow I-77 North towards Wytheville. I-77 will connect with I-81 South. Follow I-77 North until it splits with I-81. Stay on I-77 north towards Bluefield, WV. Take exit 52 off of I-77. At bottom of ramp take a right. At stop sign take a right and follow SCA signs.

From the north: Take I-81 south to I-77 north towards Bluefield. Follow above directions from there.