His Majesty of the East, Andreas, Called to Active Duty

In an announcement Saturday, January 11, 2003, His Majesty Andreas of the East reported that he has been called to active duty and will be stepping down as King. Sometimes modern life gets in the way of any true SCAdian's beloved hobby. This is the case with His Majesty Andreas who has been called to active duty with the Marine Corps. Within the next two weeks, He will begin an overseas assignment in Southwest Asia. Her Majesty, Isabella, will continue to reign as Queen with the aid of a regent, to be appointed, who will represent the King.

His Majesty expressed His pleasure at having served as the East Kingdom's Soverign, especially alongside His comrades and at the Pennsic War, and asks that His subjects support the Queen.

We at SCAtoday.net wish His Majesty safe travels and protection from the perils of war.

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may God protect you and all our service personal