Combatants Announced for AEthelmearc Crown Tournament

Their Majesties Malcolm and Tessa of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc have announced the combatants and their consorts for Their upcoming Crown Tourney.

Their Majesties write:

With the turn of the season, and Our ascension to the throne, Our minds turn to the continuity of the Realm. Our Shire of King's Crossing will be hosting the grand Crown Tourney to determine the Heirs to the Throne of Aethelmearc. We have issued invitations to the following gentles to make themselves present and compete for the position of Heirs.

The Duty of the Crown is great, with the Sovereign right comes the Sovereign responsibility to the entire Realm. These individuals have chosen to take up the challenge of that burden and duty to the Realm, and thus do We look forward to their attendance as they put forth their best efforts in the lists of Our Tourney.

For informations sake, We do make clear here Our directives for Crown Tourney. We will be running a challenge-in, double-elimination list. Each round will be best two of three with no requirements or restrictions on weaponry beyond those allowed or disallowed by standard Aethelmearc tourney conventions.

  • Sir Aengus MacBain & Maitresse Yvianne de Castel d' Avignon
  • Viscount Bear Wallsbane & Viscountess Judith of Kirtlandi
  • Baron Daniel Lighfoot & Baroness Una the Bashful
  • THL Duncan von Halstern & Baroness Ilish O'Donovan
  • Baron Geoffrey & Baroness Aoibheil
  • THL Georg Eisenfaust & THL Anna Eisenkopf
  • Lord Gunther Schwartzrose & Lady Coletta Briant
  • THL Havoc the Wild & Lady Bronwyn MacFhionghuin
  • Count Henri d' Artois & Mistress Berengaria d' Hainault
  • Sir Kadan Chakhilghan & Mistress Aleea Bagah
  • Lord Lorenz Butterman & Lady Leah Janette
  • Sir Magnus de Cnoc an Iora & THL Gwendolyn the Graceful
  • Baron Marduke Inchmertyn & Baroness Liadain ni Dherdre Chaomhanaigh
  • Lord Robert of Burnshouse & Baroness Serena of the Peacemakers
  • Lord Rhafu Inn Traustii & Lady Rannveig Hrajshvelgsneys
  • Viscount Robin Wallace & Viscountess Isabeau
  • Lord Thomas Byron of Haverford & Lady Ariella of Thornbury
  • Lord Thomas Von Hessen & Baroness Juliana Rosalia Dolce di Siena
  • Lord Thorgrim Skullsplitter & Lady Katla Ulfhednar
  • Baron Vladisla Nikulich & Baroness Vlksha Iakovleva