Calontir Baronesses to Sponsor Passage of Arms

Tatjana Nikonovna, Baroness, Lonely Tower, has announced that this year at Lilies War, the baronesses of Calontir will sponsor a grand Passage of Arms.

Her Excellency writes:

The Baronesses of Calontir greet you warmly and wish to make known that a grand Passage of Arms is being held on the field at Lilies War.

These fine Ladies invite all of the Barons, knights, squires and men/women-at-arms of Calontir, and of the known world, to come and prove their prowess for the entertainment and favor of the Gallery.

This tournament shall be fought upon a bridge, at a barrier, and upon an open field. Anyone who enters the lists may challenge any other, so it please the Ladies. The lists shall be large enough for any number of gentles who may wish to gather there. As is the custom, there shall be safe areas for all to arm and refresh themselves.

The Procession of Helms will begin at 10 a.m. on Friday the 17th of June. Come in all your finery! Let your retainers boldly display your colors! Let there be drums and trumpets, songs and bold stories! Make elegant your challenges before the Gallery and win honor and renown. Impress the Ladies of the Gallery and earn their gracious gifts.

So come, warriors of renown! The Baronesses of Calontir await your display of chivalry and skill, gallantry and valor, honor and bravery!

Mir vam,

Tatjana Nikonovna
Baroness, Lonely Tower