Woodland Romp III: Son of the Beast

The Freehold of Skerjastrond would like to announce that we are hosting Woodland Romp III, sponsored by Mistig Waetru, Son of the Beast from June 10-12 at Harlow Lake just north of lovely Marquette, MI.

HRM Tarrach and assorted bards scared away the Bog Beast at Romp I.

The Bog Beast was killed last year by some stellar fighters.

But, it appears that there are offspring of the Bog Beast lurking up here, and may wish to avenge their parent. We'd like to try the bardic solution again.

So, if you're not a fighter, or a fighter who'd like to relax with period fishing (June 10-12 is free fishing weekend in MI; no license required, and the site is on a lake), gaming, barding, wild edibles and simples, come join us in lovely Skerjastrond. Andrew the Tinker is planning an awesome Norse feast. This is a laid-back camping event. (but there may be a regional fighting practice pending any marshals attending)

Check out our newly revamped website, http://www.skerjastrond.org for fees and more details. (you can also peruse and enjoy the revamping of the whole site in general done by our new webminister, Rayna) Click on the current events to link to the Woodland Romp info. Come enjoy the wild northeast frontier of Northshield...

Lady Johanna
Acting Seneschal of Skerjastrond