Medieval Welsh Ship May Have Made Trans-Atlantic Crossing

A 15th century ship discovered in South Wales in June, 2002, may have crossed the Atlantic. The 15th century Welsh ship found in Newport, Wales, continues to make news. The ship first came to the attention of the press when excavators for an Arts Center threatened to move it to another location, but were stopped by the huge outpouring of support for keeping the ship in Newport. The ship returned to the news later in the year when human remains were found at the site. Now researchers feel that the ship may have made trans-Atlantic crossings.

But could the ship have pre-dated Columbus? Kate Hunter of the Newport Museum said, "We know the ship went into the Bay of Biscay and to Portugal, but we don't know if it would have got across the Atlantic."

Plans have been made to permanently display the over 2000 pieces of the ship that have been recovered.