Report from Calontir's Crown Tournament

Signore Giudo di Niccolo Brunelleschi has posted an extensive report on the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Calontir.

Signore Giudo writes:

As Saturday dawned, Mother Nature greeted my solitary trek across the site to my morning Troll shift with what I hope were tears of impending happiness. The looked like it was going to be a repeat of the year's cycle; but as the clouds broke and the sun peaked through, a glorious day was upon us. The sun shone brightly and proudly as the conbatants and their consorts were presented to Their Majesties.

With the tournament well under way, the crowd assembled watched with baited breathe for the Final Battle to arrive. As Duke Martino and Graf Luther entered the list field, each undefeated to that point, all eyes were on them. With the final blow struck and as the dust settled, His Grace stood victorious wearing his ermine with his beautiful consort, Her Excellency Sir Ariel, at his side. Their Majesties greeted their childer born that day upon the battlefield with open arms and great pride. And the populace assembled rejoiced in the crowning of an heir to this noble Kingdom.

The afternoon wiled away into a pleasant evening, and Evening Court soon arrived. In amongst the many announcements of preparations and plotting for Lilies War by the many former Generals of the Calon Army, His Majesty Tristram came forward with a proclamation:

In memory of Baron Wulfgar Skypainter, the hill from which his art eschewed from shall forevermore be known as Wulfgar's Hill. A heartwarming HUZZAH in His Excellency's memory rang through the air as all nodded their approval to this proclamation.

In addition, a few awards were issued from Their Majesties' hands:

  • Lady Mairi Rose (of Deodar) was welcomed into the Order of the Torse.
  • Vincent de Vere (of Heraldshill) was granted an Award of Arms and made Lord, for his service to Shire and to Kingdom, as proprietor of The Broken Harp Inn.
  • Katrine Josefsdottir and Jan Vitroredec were asked to bring their daughters Andrea of Deodar and Alyssa of Deodar before Their Majesties, where each was presented with a chalice from Her Majesty's personal collection, along with a charm bearing the Queen's Chalice.
  • Elinor Salter and Eirikr Elgr Eiriksson (both of Deodar) were each granted an Award of Arms for their services, thus being made a Lady and Lord respectively.

And with Evening Court at an end, the masses made their way to the Feast Hall, where they were greeted with heraldic display, entertainment, and five removes of what this server can honestly saw were some of the most scrumptious foods he has tasted in quite some time. With bellies full and thirsts quenched, many could be seen leaving the Feast Hall lumbering slowly to the fire ring and Broken Harp Inn for an evening of reveling, singing, and sharing in each other's company.

A good day was had by all, and all seem eager for the next event to arrive to do it all again. And until that time,

Signore Giudo di Niccolo Brunelleschi
Shire of Deodar, Kingdom of Calontir
Deodar & La Grante Tente Pursuivant