Sir Ix of the Middle Kingdom given Pelican

In a brief surprise Court held on the Youth Combat list field at Pennsic, Sir Ix was elevated to the Order of the Pelican by Their Royal Majesties Valharic and Alys. Sir Ix is well known in the Midrealm and other Kingdoms for his longstanding service to Youth Combat. Ix has been a driving force behind bringing Youth Combat to the Society, and has worked tirelessly for several years to recruit and train not only youth fighters but also Marshals and list ministers. Those who have met Sir Ix know that he often wears a simulated jaguar skin. Appropriately enough, he was given a Pelican cloak that is also lined with simulated jaguar skin. On a hot August morning, the air steamy, Her Majesty jested with Ix about the burden of the Pelican oath and how similar that might be to the burden of a fur-lined cloak on such a muggy day. Hoobah to Sir Ix!